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The Real Deal

Waldos Tacos Serves Authentic Mexican Food


Mexican Street Tacos, best authentic flavor in Peoria!


Combined with Monterey jack cheese and delicious meat!


It’s all about the filling. Rice, Beans, Meat, Cilantro and Onion!


All that matters is whats in between the buns!

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We’re bringing flavors from mexico - to your plate.

Waldo's Tacos started in Pomona California. Owner Hector Waldo had a brilliant idea to cater Authentic Mexico City Tacos for businesses. As companies kept loving the deliciousness , Waldo's Tacos kept growing. In 2005 the Waldo family moved to Arizona and once again started their mission to deliver the best Tacos. We are now the City of Peoria's oldest and first Taco Truck and one of the best Food trucks in the West Valley according to the Phoenix New Times. 


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